For all FFL holders, along with dealers who sell firearm related products, we have a wholesale division for you. In order to receive wholesale pricing you must buy in 50 or higher amounts. Obviously the higher the amount the cheaper the price. We have 50 or higher up to 100, then pricing changes from 100 to 150. After 150 or higher, there’s another price change up to 200, where the pricing stays at that lever up to 500 or more. 500 or more will be a negotiated price between the buyer and Wayne Derman, head of the wholesale division in Spitfire Arms and Spitfire Barrels. Wayne will be your point of contact for all transactions, whether it’s a 50 or more buy, or a 200 plus buy. No matter what your purchase, Wayne will take care of you from beginning to end!

We have more products coming out other than our Match Grade Barrels, which are priced literally to the cheapest degree in our current market with the highest quality standards demanded by everyone of us, and that’s not an empty worded statement either! We’ll have complete G19 and G26 Kits coming out very soon, complete with sights and magazine. We’ll also have the mix and match kits that will have Barrel and Slide, or Barrel, Slide, and Lower Frame Parts, etc.

We will need your FFL License or your company Ein and Registration in the state which company was formed. We’ll set up your account that can only be seen by you with login and password. I thank you for your interest in Spitfire Arms/Spitfire Barrels, and look forward to a long prosperous relationship with everyone of you!